Engineering: Structural

Our Structural Engineering Department assists our design team with the structural design of many building types—from churches and schools to hospitals and large manufacturing campuses. Our engineers work closely with our architectural team to ensure a safe structure, while giving consideration to the detailing, aesthetics, cost and constructability of each project. Our licensed structural engineers also have an architectural background which helps us create the best possible projects.

In addition to assisting our architectural team with in-house building projects, our structural staff also provides a wide range of services to our clients. From analyzing and designing crane systems and other precision loads, to reviewing existing structures for load capacities, no job is too big or small. 

Unique to Larson & Darby Group, our structural engineers have completed 200 plus designs for large machine base foundations.  This requires extensive experience in the engineering design of minimum deflection tolerance foundations to meet the requirements of our clients’ sophisticated manufacturing systems worldwide.

Our structural engineering team has consistently prided itself on safe, lasting structural solutions that are both economical and practical to construct.