Virtual Design

“What is it going to look like?” is quite often one of the first questions a client asks during a design project. At Larson & Darby Group, we have leveraged the latest in CAD, BIM and design visualization technologies to allow us to answer this question at the earliest opportunity, and to more fully engage our clients in the design process. From basic computer wireframe models, hand-drawn renderings, still image renderings and photo montages, to full-length 3D animations and walk-thrus, our virtual design team provides clients with a number of options to visualize their project well before construction begins.

Utilizing leading technologies, we have fully integrated this process into our design workflow, and developed a number of methodologies for bringing the client directly into the design process. We meet with our clients and, in real time, work with them to edit plans in 2D and 3D. This allows us to examine and test solutions, while ensuring a clearer understanding of design intent for everyone on the project team—from the client to the contractor.